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A major part of this site is dedicated to
Microscopes plus accessories:
We can supply the whole range from
Meiji Techno MT5300 biological microscope
Meiji Techno, offers microscopes in many different areas:
Stereo Zoom with the world renowned EMZ line,or the RZ line with common main objective and 10:1 zoom ratio, professional biological and metallurgical scopes for many different applications, including polarization and fluorescent illumination. If you need an inverted microscope Meiji’s IM7000 series should be your first choice.

A current pricelist in pdf format - some 186 pages - is available, just drop us a note.


Motic trinocular GEM scope with darkfield and incidident fluorescent illuminationMotic
offers Stereo Zoom scopes, image shows trinocular GEM microscope, upright and inverted biological microscopes, metallurgical microscopes for industrial appllications, PSM-1000, see also below under industrial scopes, CMOS and CCD cameras, and much more. -

Mitutoyo microscopes and related parts are all listed under Industrial Microscopes, see below.

Microscope Objectives
are the most important element of every microscope.
We carry these lines:
Meiji Techno Plan Epi Objective Brightfield / Darkfield 100X objective
Meiji Techno
Mostly infinity corrected DIN objectives but also some special 26 mm thread (Mitutoyo) brightfield / darkfield objectives, see 100X version at left. And 160 mm tube length objectives are still available as well. All objectives are designed for Meiji’s various biological and metallurgical microscope lines but often used on other manufacturers scopes, sometimes with significant performance improvement.


Mitutoyo M Plan APO NUV BF 100X WD 11mm objectiveMitutoyo
rules still supreme when you need NUV, UV, or NIR objectives beyond 50X. And some customers demand Mitutoyo, even when there are lots of alternatives.





Motic Plan Fluar Objective 100X (Oil)Motic:
Biological objectives for BA400 adhere to DIN standard,Motic Plan APO ELWD 20x NA=0.420 WD=20 mm Metallurgical objective, parfocal distance adjustable Infinity corrected, 0.17 mm cover glass correction. Fluar 100X objective shown on left side.
ELWD and ULWD lines ranging from 2X to 100X with or without fine adjustment of parfocal length. 20X ELWD objective with parfocal adjustment shown at right.

Optem 10X LWD High Resolution objective with high NA
manufactures standard LWD objectives from 5X to 50X. Or if you need high NA for your project then these High Resolution objectives are very attractive. On zoom scopes lower magnification (2X - 20X) objectives create a need for high Numerical Aperture or resolution will suffer.
This is a unque objective, originally created to accomodate the needs of Optem’s Azoom probe station microscopes.

M Plan APO 50x NA=0.55 WD=13.1 mm Metallurgical NIR objectiveLWD objectives, similar to Mitutoyo, NIR transmissive with DIN threading come and adapter to 26 mm threads. 20X and 50X are available with 3 mm cover glass correction,
OKH line is available in NIR, see image at right, or visible range versions at attractive pricing.

Industrial Microscopes
Mitutoyo Finescope FS70Mitutoyo
Mitutoyo’s FS70 is an industrial microscope for inspection, testing, laser repair, and ablation.
Motic PSM-1000 assembly covers visible and laser operations with one main bodyMotic’s
PSM-1000 assembly covers visible and laser operations with one main body, making it significantly more economically, compared with Mitutoyo’s approach of 3 different bodies, depending on spectrum.

Meiji FU1000 with quintuple 26 mm threaded nosepiece, trinocular head, fiberoptic illuminnationMeiji Techno
offers with the FU1000 series focus blocks an attractive way to build a custom compound microscope, at comparatively low cost..Zoom Kits with 6.5 zoom range and 20X objectives
Zoom Scope with a 6.5X zoom range shares some 60% of the assembly with the compound scope above. You can switch between compound and zoom in about a minute.

Optem Zoom 70 XL Motorized adjustment of zoom and 12 mm focusOptem Imaging Systems
offer a wide range of modular Optical Systems for inspection and testing. Most functions can be motorized. Image shows a part from the popular Zoom 70 XL line with both, zoom and focus, controlled by a stepper motor with position feed

Probing Solutions and Accessories:
Heavy Duty BD series probe station in 200 mm (8
Probe Stations
are available from 100 mm (4”) all the way up to 300 mm (12”), bare or with accessories and microscope. Image shows Heavy Duty BD series probe station in 200 mm 100mm / 4in vacuum chuck + stage for probe station, Z axis adjust(8"), complete with positioners, probe holders and tips, compound microscope.
Building blocks for probe stations, 100 mm (4”) stage with Z axis adjustment and vacuum chuck at right.
Ball Bearing MICROPOSITIONER, right handed, magnetic Base, 3-axis 200TPI 0.5 µm resolution
Micro Positioners come in 5 different lines with resolutions ranging from 10 µm down to 0.5 µm and 200 tpi spindles, as shown at left.

Triaxial probe holder with set screw
Probe Holders come without or with coaxial / triaxial connection, with screw or spring clamping. Tube style probe holders reduce leakage currents to the fA range.
Beryllium Copper probe tips with gold plated tip and silver plated shank
Probe Tips are available in a wide selection  from 0.1 µm to 200 µm tip radius, in various materials and designs, in packages of 5 or 10 per box. Image at left shows 10 BeCu probe tips with gold plating in tip area, shank is silver plated. Bulk in strips of a hundred is in many cases another option, resulting in significantly lower cost per tip. Multi Contact head for RF or microwave measurements
RF Probing area with Probe Arms for our positioners and RF probe heads. Probe heads come in many more versions then listed here. Thumbnail at right shows two multi contact heads.

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